Interiors, designs
makes and finds

Interiors on a budget

I have a love for interior design and our home was recently featured in 25 Beautiful Homes magazine. I've painted, wallpapered, tiled and floored my way through our Sheffield terrace, slowly slowly returning its character. My love for a bargain means that I've done all of this on a budget! I'll share my interior projects here, hints and tips along with my daily posts for inspo on instagram @suzybroome.

Designs in print, pattern and fabric

My background is in fine art. My passion is for design, pattern and colour. In between parenting carnage, work, house restoration and general life, I'm building my design portfolio and returning to my art roots. Illustrations, prints and fabric design.

One-off makes and custom restorations

I make stuff. I restore stuff. Chairs, sewing projects, vintage toys, fabric dolls. This stuff keeps me sane through the madness of life. Take a look at my projects and hey, if you like them, you can buy them.

Gorgeous finds adopted and adapted

I'm a semi-professional treasure hunter (basically I love love love to find a ruddy bloody good bargain in an antique store or charity shop!!) and I'm going to share the treasure here.

My name is Suzy and I create, make and design. I have a penchant for 80s pattern and colour, midcentury and bold bright eclectic design. When I’m not renovating or restoring furniture, I’m sewing or illustrating, tiling, painting or flooring. And when I’m not doing any of that, I’m working as a neonatal Speech and Language Therapist or wrestling my seven-year-old twin boys and three-year-old girl off my legs.